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Beginner Woodworking Tools | Hand Tools & Power Tools | Woodworking for Beginners #31

In this video we review beginner woodworking tools that will help you get started woodworking.
New woodworkers have a vast array of tools to choose from, starting with workshop hand tools like chisels, wood planes and combination squares to power tools like drills and circular saws and on to woodworking machinery like table saws, jointers and mitre saws, and of course with many many different brands and prices. In this video I have selected the tools, in some sort of an order that if I were starting woodworking today, I would choose these tools, in this order.

Tool Review Playlist:
Woodworking Tool Tips Playlist:

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  1. Great job Colin

  2. Colin, I’m SO happy that I didn’t get anything outta this video… That means that you’ve already helped me to determine what’s important to me. =)

  3. As a beginner i don’t need some power tools … I have to learn to cut wood with a handsaw … to use a handplane to flatten up a piece of wood and how I put some piece of wood together … Power tools are much expensive and when I start Woodworking I don’t know is it something for me … that’s what I have to find out … and when I like it and it makes some fun my tool collection grow from alone … that’s my opinion …

  4. Very useful for a beginner like me! Thanks for sharing this useful video!!

  5. Subscriber to your channel for a while, and just started watching all of your videos couple weeks ago, dunno how didn’t I notice before that I’m a subscriber in such a great channel, but it happens.

    Greetings from Egypt

  6. Very useful video, thanks for sharing.

    I’m still looking for a smaller table saw/contractor saw which is in a price range what I can afford/willing to pay for.
    Unfortunately for sure not a Dewalt 745 because that one costs here in Europe 3x times the price as in the US.

    One of the most important things of a table saw is the fence as you pointed out.
    At some table saws the fence goes all the way from front to back and at others it goes only till 3/4 which means that the back side is not connected.
    Wat is the reason for that (saving money from the side of the manufacturer or has it advantages?)
    Is a 3/4 one not less stable/ridgid/sturdy?
    And what about the slots which can be used for miter gauges and all kinds of jigs?
    Some table saws have one, some have two. In my eyes two is better (because one on each side of the saw blade). It makes it more versatile.
    Do you agree?

  7. Very informative video. Thanks.
    I just bought my first table saw and will be learning how to use it. Watching a lot of videos.
    I’m building a crosscut sled and had a few questions.
    It doesn’t look like I can keep all the safety guards on the saw when using a sled. What can I keep on or should I?
    I think the plastic shield would have to come off and maybe the claw if I need to go backwards. What about the splitter or is it called riving blade?

  8. That is a good basic set of tools to get someone started but there is one glaring omission, in my humble opinion, that falls in to basic needs. The router. The router can be used for so many different things and if you add a router table it becomes even more useful. It doesn’t need to be one of the commercial (expensive) router tables.

  9. 4:50 A belt sander is incredibly useful if you attach it to the table as a “stationary tool”

  10. I’m the lazy type and use mostly power tools. I have a small shop, my little garage, but it’s what the Lord Jesus has given me and I’m happy there. I do have a variety of fine tools.

  11. ZACCARO Custom Things

    Hi Colin ……. great video !!!! 🙂

  12. Thank you!

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed the video Eliza

  14. Joe, hand tools are great and all woodworker should learn how to use them. But, you would be surprised just how cheap you can get power tools for if you dig around. For example, I see perfectly functional table saws at garage sales for around $20 all the time. There are deals to be had on older power tools everywhere!

  15. You’re welcome. Thanks for watching!

  16. Thanks for watching Hossan!

  17. Bryan, I struggled with placing a router on the list. I do agree that with many new woodworkers it can be a very useful tool! Thanks for watching!

  18. Agreed, a belt sander is another tool that could have made the list. Thanks for watching.

  19. Hi Zaccaro … thanks for watching!

  20. Thanks for watching Jon.

  21. What is your opinion of Stanley’s Sweetheart planes?

  22. That’s a very reasonable position, I think, as long as you commit to putting the work in and don’t accept “it’s too much work” as a reason for quitting before trying a power tool.

  23. To be honest I have not tried one, wondering if you have any experience with them?

  24. There are a few different designs for cross cut sleds, including the one I built which is a bit of a heavy duty version … There could be smaller versions from others that you could use a guard on. The main thing to keep in mind with crosscut sleds, like all cutting, keep the blade height just slightly above the material and always wait for the blade to stop before removing material. It is very tempting to pull cut material out of the sled with the blade spinning but not a good habit to get into … I’m sure you will do fine, sounds like you are on the right track.

  25. Very good video. Hand tools are important to learn and feel the work. At school we needed to use them. And i would add a bench grinder to sharpen the tools, is something i use a lot.

  26. Your well came, I really enjoy the woodworking video’s on youtube. I like and watch most of your’s and WWMM also, he is really good two. What I would like to have is more on toys and outdoor garden items. I also like to build outdoor benches. thank you ed

  27. thanks for these beginner tips I’m learning a lot with your channel

  28. Yes, bench grinders do come in handy! Thanks for watching.

  29. Thanks for watching!

  30. Hi Colin I’ve been a subscriber for a good year and a half now and love your videos.

  31. You’re welcome Cian. Thanks for being a subscriber!

  32. Hi there,

    I’m from England, I want to build a Cabin in America to live in.
    I don’t have the skills to build it but I want to do some things on it.

    I have been thinking about Woodworking courses, I was wondering if you run courses??

    I would like to help on someone’s Cabin Build in America, but I can’t seem to make the connections through YouTube.

  33. Lambert Klein

    I’m from England, I want to have a cabin built in America to live in, I would like to help on someone’s cabin build so I can learn things.

  34. You have one of the best channels I’ve ever come across on YouTube. Thank you!

  35. Thank you Zack!

  36. Very good explanation, thanks for sharing!

  37. Thanks for watching Allan!

  38. county strange horror begin industrial discuss owe factory.

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