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Simple Jig for Edge Jointing by Hand

Getting the high spots out is the easy part. Making sure the edges are at 90 degrees is much harder for me. The solution this time was simple and free. You can use a piece of scrap wood to make sure your jointed edges are a perfect right angle. It's good to be making videos again. Hope you guys enjoy it.



    Welcome back 👍 Hope to see more stuff from you in the future

  2. Joe basement woodworking

    it’s been a while!!-thats a great idea!! im gonna use this for all my glue ups id rather joint em by hand anyway. its more gratifying in the end.good stuff man!

  3. Gregor Slemensek

    Great idea! Was looking for a way to simply edge the boards to right angle and this is it. Thanks!

  4. Good grief. Simplicity.

  5. An upgrade to this is to add some neodymium magnets to the wood to help hold it tight to your plane.

  6. Dude that’s an awesome idea.

  7. If you drill and tap the sides of the plane then you could bolt the wood guide to it and you wouldn’t need to hold it to the plane as you shave the work piece down, if you use a wing bolt to connect the guide to the plane then it will be quick to install or remove.

  8. Hey John I wised up and clamped it but definitely thought about bolting it. Would you thread it or use lock nuts?

  9. +Patrick Hosey I would drill and tap two holes on each side of the plane for a quicker and less fiddly instillation, then using a couple of wing bolts or a knob bolts plus an anti slip washer for each bolt, I would bolt the guide to the plane, the anti slip washer plus the natural “spring” of the wood guide should be more than enough to prevent the guide from becoming loose, you don’t really want to use nylock nuts as then you will need to use a wrench every time you install the guide, also nylock nuts are just one extra part to lose when you take the guide off.

    If you have a drill press, a HSS drill bit and a set of taps then the whole operation shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to do, it also means you have a set point on that plane to attach other types of guides for other jobs in the future.

    Hope this helps : )

  10. Hi Patric,
    Nice to see you again. You came up with this jig just in time – I have a lot of edge joining soon! Thank you!

  11. +Denis Skorski nice brother I hope it helps.

  12. Great idea!

  13. Great idea!

  14. banjoplayinbullfrog

    I am building a 5’x5′ table and had the two 2.5′ sides already glued and was about to attach them together when i knock one of them over and dinged up the glue side. I couldnt figure out how i was gonna safely hold it on the jointer when i remembered this video. YOU SAVED ME! thank you so much!

  15. Caught the last vid you did which brought me here… you have an interesting way of looking at things and problem solving.. this video was worth a sub!

  16. Thanks brother I appreciate it.

  17. I Sketchup, You can to

    HAHAHA one of those DUH moments? Good tip. I posted it in my educational page I SketchUp You Can To

  18. Thanks P’. Found your video on Jay Bates. I have struggled with this for a while but I don’t have a “problem solving section of brain” without over engineering. Simple solution to a common issue.

  19. It’s great Patrick ! Thank you for taking the time to share.I’ll be back !

  20. wow so cool Thank you for taking the time to share.a dam good one

  21. Jim Cooney thanks Jim glad you liked it. Thanks for writing

  22. This should work for end grain to maybe wont need a shooting board?

  23. Very nice! Works like a charm!

  24. Great Tip !!! Thanks !!

  25. This is perfect timing, making some cherry end tables and I need this

  26. +Eric Richardson awesome Eric, glad I could help

  27. An elegant solution. Thanks for sharing.

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