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  1. Did you try and glue up those boards with the 3/16″ gap? I wonder how well it (or the wood) would hold if it was then subjected to a really dry atmosphere, where the wood might rapidly shrink and contract?

    Nice video. 😉

  2. Alex Van Nostrand

    Waiting a year for this!

  3. +Alex Van Nostrand Don’t you have anything better to do?


  4. +Olly Parry-Jones I will try, and share the results on my blog.


  5. you can also use a form-a-wood gun to fill in any gaps you might get. just load in your favorite type of wood and let it heat for 3 days and 1 tree ring duration and its ready to squeeze the wood into any crack

  6. Welcome back

  7. I can’t wait until next year! Another great video!!

  8. Hi Chris, after glueing and clamping the two boards together you will have compromised the outer edges of the two boards. Do you now joint these edges? What are the consequences of this? Colin in Northern Ireland

  9. +ironlionkalo How much time do you think I have?!? No, I like quick and easy! 🙂


  10. +colin farrier The outer edges, provided they were not irregular to begin, should remain fair, so no additional work would be necessary.


  11. I always learn so much from you!

  12. I definitely need to buy more clamps. Also, little known fact: large shop clamps are also good for headaches.

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